Stuff Yourself Full of King Crabs (영덕대게) in Ganggoo

There is a quirky town on the eastern shore of South Korea called Ganggoo Harbor (강구항). The town serves, eats, breathes, catches, sells, and ships only King Crabs (or "yeongdeok dae gae" 영덕대게). As you drive into Ganggoo Harbor, you are greeted by a giant crab suspended from a bridge. Inside the town, claws grip buildings and more giant crabs perch on awnings and smile from window fronts. 

If you love king crabs, Ganggoo Harbor is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner after a day touring Andong (on your way to Gyeongju, perhaps). Each shop in town serves only King Crabs. Fortunately, 영덕대게 pairs well with Andong soju! Expect to pay about $50 or $60 per crab. This sounds expensive, but one crab will easily feed three hungry tourists. After eating the meat from the crab, the restaurant owners make a soup from the shells, served with rice. 

This is definitely a town you don't want to miss! It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and you will leave with a very happy, full belly! There are no souvenirs or other tourist attractions, either. So you will not add any bulk to your suitcase. There is no down-side in 강구항!

For more details on how to get there, check out this itinerary.

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