Itineraries and Travel Ideas for South Korea

These itineraries are intended for people with several days to spend exploring South Korea's lesser-traveled regions. For things to see and do in Seoul or for cultural experience ideas throughout South Korea, please navigate over to the Travel Blog section. I'd love to hear about your trip, so drop me an email!

Korea's hidden eden: Hallyeohaesang (3 Day Tour)

Located just 40 minutes west of Busan, this national park is 210 square miles of islands, waterways, and marine diversity. This three-day driving itinerary covers two of the six districts: Geoje and Namhae.

discover PyeongChang, all-season adventures await!

This itinerary will help you make the most of your vacation in PyeongChang, site of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Explore all that Gangwon Province has to offer: all-season resorts, local cuisine, arts scene!

Seoul to gyeongju (1 day road trip)

Here's a scenic, fun driving route from Seoul to Korea's southeast region, such as Gyeongju or Busan. Rent some wheels, find Jungang Expressway #55 and keep your camera ready. There's a lot to see!


Jeju is a volcanic island, with palm trees, white beaches, clear turquoise water, honeymooners and loads of waterfalls. My best advice for a trip to Jeju is to stay at least one week.  

weekend zen in suncheon (2 day itinerary)

A weekend of relaxation and contemplation is just 3 hours away on the KTX high speed Jeolla line from Seoul to Suncheon. Zero stress! 

gyeongju, korea's ancient capital (2 day itinerary)

If you like history, you will LOVE Gyeongju! This itinerary is about two days, with time spent in Gyeongju City and excursions to sites beyond the city.

Explore the Demilitarized zone (1 day tour)

Touring the DMZ, Camp Bonifas, and Panmunjeom must be arranged in advanced through an organized tour agency. Plan at least a week in advance. 

Trip back in time on ganghwa island (1 day itinerary)

Ganghwa Island is an easy day-trip from Seoul, just a ferry ride west. Escape the hustle and bustle for a bit of fresh sea-air and calming beauty. 

Udo Island (1 Day jeju add-on)

Udo is the largest of Jeju's satellite islands and is accessible by a 15 minute ferry ride from Seongsan Ilchulbong.